The Grandeur of The Castles in Wales

Wales has more castles than any other country, and the architectural grandeur of these castles never fail to stir your soul. It will be interesting toivisit the cream of these fortresses that symbolizes a bygone era of splendor and power.

The Raglan Castle

The imposing round towers of Raglan Castle is classic, and when watching the awesome gatehouse, you might become rapturous. This majestic castle is steeped in history, as it once refused entry to Oliver Cromwell as the Civil War was drawing to a close. The amazing structure is surrounded by green fields, thereby imparting a romantic aura to the whole area.

Laugharne Castle

The Laugharne Castle situated near the scenic Taf estuary has a poetic association with the famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who was inspired for the first time, walking along the ruins of this fortress that dates back to the 11th century. The Victorian gardens within the castle, once played host to the Civil War. Once it contained a beautiful Victorian garden as well as a Tudor mansion. You can spend hours in relaxation at the Boathouse and Shed that once inspired the great poet to write his inimitable poems.

The Caerphilly Castle

The Caerphilly Castle is the largest fortress in Wales, as well as the second largest in the whole of Great Britain. This imposing castle was safeguarded by water defenses and it was the English who built it in the 13th century. Outside you can catch a glimpse of the four defensive siege engines, while inside the majestic hallowed feel is very strong.

Cilgerran Castle

The Normans always had an inclination to build fortresses with a river view, resulting in the Cilgerran Castle with an incredible vantage point. This ancient castle overlooks the River Teifi, and has two huge round towers with a walk in between. Earl of Pembroke’s castle stands on a ravine and is immensely beautiful.

There are many more of these historic castles in Wales. Some are preserved for posterity, while the others are in different degrees of disrepair.

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