Best Places to Visit in Wales

The landscapes of Wales have a rugged beauty, while the people are open natured, thus making it a uniquely different travel destination. Apart from its distinct Celtic culture, Wales is also well known for the many grand castles that abound there. Its picturesque mountains, coastlines and valleys are truly delightful. The country also boasts of some impressive national parks that are ideal for trekking. Here are some of the more important places to visit when you are in Wales:


Aberystwyth is essentially a university town with a history of its own and as such a holiday destination much favored by young people. It boasts of an incredible 50 pubs. The buildings on the seafront features attractive Victorian architecture with a fine promenade where you can lounge under the sun. Located on a nearby hill are the ruins of a huge Iron Age fort. The town also contains what is left of the first ever castle built by the Normans in Wales.


Located in the southeast corner of Wales, Cardiff is situated in southeast Wales. It is the capital of the country. The 74,200-seat Millennium stadium with a whopping 74,200 seats, the ultramodern Wales Millennium Centre for the performing arts and the Cardiff Castle are the city’s major attractions. The National Museum that houses excellent Roman pottery and some stunning Bronze jewellery is an attraction not to be missed.


A small town situated on River Wye, Hay-on-Wye lies within the ambit of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The town is famous for the celebrated annual Hay Festival that is sponsored by the well-known newspaper Guardian. It attracts about 80,000 people every year and is a venue for the discussion of the many arts with famous philosophers, writers and artists.

Other major attractions include Caernarfon, St.Davis Cathedral Brecon Beacons National Park, Conwy, and Pembroakeshire Coast

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